Some new album art from Maria Shiel and an old KYO Collaboration unearthed from MS44

Just a short post today to direct you to some new album art from Maria Shiel‘s forthcoming album American Tears. Inspired by the elements of both Fire and Sea, there will be a theme of reds and blues throughout the album. You can check out both here pieces below!

Fire in Sea / Sea in Fire

Vocalist MS44 has unearthed an old KYO collaboration made back in 2015 with sound designer and shaman OJ Woods. The beautiful piece of instrumental music was composed and produced by Woods and named ‘Black Elk’. Words are from MS44 and the full description is in the Soundcloud link.

Black Elk was a spiritual healer for the Lakota tribe in the late 1800’s and lived into the early 20th Century. As with many native American tribes, they believe in custodianship of the land being able to live off of and respect that land.

Due to unfulfilled American Treaty laws, some native American tribes in the USA today do not have basic rights such as running water. As a result many have died since the outbreak of Covid-19 and many are suffering in isolation. Here at KYO we are hoping that we learn greatly as a global community from some of the terrible travesties that have come to light since the outbreak of this disease and hopefully we will be able to become more charitable with our futures.

Black Elk / Long Gone – MS44 and OJWOODS:

MS44 ยท Black Elk / Long Gone – OJ WOODS/MS44 [UK]

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