Room 127 – MS44

MS44 is the ‘collabotronic’ moniker of Galway based musician Maria Shiel. Online collaboration is an integral part of the project and you can check out our KYO Bandcamp page for latest MS44 collaborations.

She has collaborated with and provided vocals for artists from Germany, Finland, Sweden, UK, Ireland, Ibiza, Russia, China and N.America.

You can check out earlier  collaborations under

Time to build new music through collaboration. 
^  KYO.  

MS44 releases are available now through iTUNES  and in all the usual stores.


MS44’s Tonight’s The Night EP conjures a sense of space and sparse, vulnerable beauty akin to that of  Lykke li” Reviewed Music 

MS44’s vocals could be from another dimension altogether. The detachedly contemplative lyrics dispense their wisdom as if from a higher plane of existence…it’s difficult to decide whether they put a utopian or dystopian spin on this track. It could be a little bit of both, but what is certain is that this song is all things futuristic..” Soundcloud weekly review




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