News from KYO Records and friends 🙂

New music coming soon to KYO! Meet the delamars …
Their debut album of “transatlantic sea folk” will be out over the next few months.
And new to the KYO crew is a new Galway based recording and mixing house all the way from Brazil! Meet ‘YODEL Studio‘ based out of the West of Ireland with multi instrumentalist Cesar Benzoni at the helm. Lets get on this guys and always support home grown!

Previous KYO collaborator Eomac has just released his newest solo work “Reconnect”. Read all about it here! EOMAC: RECONNECT

Well excited to say we are back with a new release. Maria Shiel has released a new single from forthcoming album of Americana infused musings called Call Home. It was officially released in Texas at The Dripping Springs Songwriters Festival this October 20th 2017. You can pick up a copy of it here at iTunes!! We hope you enjoy this upbeat slice of jangly Americana 🙂

KYO Records has just put up a compilation LP of some of the collaborations that have happened over the last four years. You can check out the info on the link below 🙂

Back from her Stateside gigs and travels, Maria is working on brand new material for a 2017 release. You can also now get Maria‘s Diamonds of Dust over at iTunes link below. Also two mixes of a bonus electronic track included: Call from the mountains… You can preview on the link below 🙂 More news to follow! Have a great weekend 🙂
A new bunch of songs to come for KYO. Here is a new one from Maria Shiel specifically written to be played in the Smoky Mountains this August 2016. Additional guitar by Brendan Bouzouki

She will be playing at the 2016 Smoky Mountains Songwriters Festival 24th – 27th August 2016. Find all the info here:
Free electronic remixes and collaborations under the music tab from Maria Shiel’s music page at:
These are just some of the KYO Collaborations executed over the last few years 🙂 Hope you enjoy.
Back from Texas and the truly awesome Dripping Springs Songwriters festival. Over 3 days and nights of playing and listening to great songs and meeting the wonderful musicians who write them. From all walks and vistas of life; Brooklyn to San Antonio to Australia to Nashville to Florida and beyond. Circus Swing, folk, soul, indie, blues, pop and perfectly crafted country were just some of the genres that one could hear slowly moving from stage to stage through the lazy October heat of Texas. An experience never to be forgotten… Below is just a tiny sample of some of the awesome songwriters who played…35 songwriters but only got to see and play with a small cross-section. Hope you enjoy 🙂 More news on other bits to follow like upcoming gigs and new music projects from Maria Shiel and a new KYO Collaboration snippet from MS and Economusic to come..
Here are a couple of tasters of what was…

Beautiful magic from another time..Dean Johanesen

Soul sugar from Mr Ray Prim

Pure honesty. Chris Taylor

Deep depth – Michael Sessoms

Voice, gold and country magic – Shannon Lee Nelson

Eternal smiles…Billy Broome and Silo Road

And the fabulous quirkdom of Liza Lovolta ..
These are to name but a very few of the talented artists that performed – i will try post some more over the coming weeks.. Please remember to support these artists when and where you can. It helps them all to keep moving… x
Hello all. What can I say – it is crazy that we have not posted since March of this year!  Been a busy year; completing a mammoth life task and coming out the other end to tell the tale was a feat in itself, but KYO has been still rattling along in it’s usual collaborative way! 🙂  A CD release from Maria Shiel, some collaborative work with the wonderful Jeff from Economusic in Dublin, playing at the immensely fun Valentia Isle Festival in Kerry and found an invitation to to play a songwriters festival  Dripping Springs, Austin, Texas this October has been some of the highlights of this year. This year has been a year of wild whirlwinds and life changes.
As a present to the loyal and merry band of Kyo-ites we plan to say a thank you by bringing out a free KYO compilation CD of all the great collaborations we have made around the globe thus far. Free musical collaboration has be the best type of music food for the soul after all no?
From Berlin’s Eomac to Helsinki’s Axel Thesleff we have made music that has ranged from, Space Ambient, 2-Step, Dance, Electronic, Future Garage, Dub, Deep, Drum and Bass and the rest. It’s been a wild journey so far so sincerely a BIG thank you to you all for clicking the likes, liking the downloads, downloading the tunes and ultimately buying the bits n bobs along the way.
“Looking back, going forward”  – A poem of sorts and a reflection of a thankyou.
Thank you to Plug In Baby for a nice little review of Maria Shiel EP, Star. Lovely music blog. Go check them out!
Also free download below and fresh mix from Berlin’s AstFX of Maria Shiel’s Your Eyes.

Hi there – just a little update on our latest release. Maria Shiel’s STAR EP is out now on iTunes and all major online stores. You can pick it up from the iTunes link below:
Maria Shiel – STAR – iTunes download
And you can grab a limited edition had cut copy from the link below. The discs come in three different colours and are only limited edition of 200 so grab while you can 🙂

Welcome! 2015 here we are…another year! Hope you all had a wonderful holiday period and here’s to a bright new year for us all..
A small note on some exciting things coming up this year… First off one of our collaborations between MS44 and Swayz (a Drum and Bass artist based out of China) has been released on Flemish label Atmomatix Records. You can now buy it on Beatport (see link below)
Swayz-falling stars
Also Maria Shiel will be releasing her acoustic ‘future-folk’ mini album through KYO Records this January 30th and will be touring it around this year. Keep track of her gigs here!!gigs/c1go
Happy new year to one and all…!
Good day folks!
A quick post to say Maria Shiel’s new CD is on the way! A little acoustic musing to while away the winter months. Release date is set for 30 November to coincide with the USA launch of the CD. You can listen to a preview of the CD below and if anyone is Stateside at the end of November be sure to swing by the Starry Plough in Berekley, California on the 30th Nov. 4PM start. And say hello! Check out FB link below for details of event 🙂

Howdy folks…here is just a quick little summer update to let y’all know there have been a couple of  juicy reviews of late for KYO Records and it’s ever evolving spirit of musical collaboration which we have been delighted about; so we’re just popping a link or two below for you to peruse 🙂
First up, here’s a great little profile review of KYO’s MARiA SHiEL from Soundcloud Reviews. Check it below
And when you have finished with your peruse, you might feel like taking a listen to KYO Records’ newest transatlantic collaborative, teaming up with San Fran’s the Night Kitchen. Comprising of Mark Todd from Oxford, Chris Pendergraft from San Fransisco and  Maria Shiel from Dublin, they adhere to the importance of the online collaborative experience and the making and breaking of new musical rules. Their first composition is a ‘007 slice of scintillating Psy-Noir’ called Endless game. Keep an eye out for an exciting Night Kitchen EP to come later in the year and don’t forget to check out Chis’ and Mark’s fab Soundcloud pages…

Check out the SC review below…
[soundcloud url=”″ params=”color=f400e6&auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false” width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]
Don’t forget to keep updated with all of KYO’s news and reviews HERE
22. 05. 14
Hello folks – it’s been a while..! That’s because lots of KYO folk have been busy with various projects over the last couple of months so we are just posting a little news ahead of summer shenanigans, gigs and whatnot.
First up our own MS44 has been sharing the music again and has recently finished a  fresh collaboration with Berlin sound-designer AstFX. It’s an old tune of MS’s revamped by Chris Asteriades (AstFX)  into a little piece of ambient.
Have a listen below and feel free to download

MARiA SHiEL’s  EP All Change is in final mixing stage now and will be out late summer… which is good news for her (and everybody else around her!) as phase one can finally be put to bed.  She is also planning a compilation release for the end of the year to cover the body of work over the last 12 years . A mammoth task but, like taking your paper files out from that dusty filing cabinet and updating them to digital, it is a job that just simply has to be done…
Watch this space for a free download sampler of the EP in a month or two; and in the meantime you can have a listen below to a home demo version of one of the tracks that will be on the EP 🙂
You can catch Maria playing at the Sunday Roast Sessions this Sunday 25th May in Dublin. Details here: MARiA LIVE

Lastly KYO friends Eomac and Leni Morrison have been doing rather well of late. Ian has released his debut album (see below) and has been splitting his residencies between Berlin and Dublin now which is very exciting. He has been ramping up a few European dates which we are delighted about. You can find all his news n views here: EOMAC NEWS AND REVIEWS
Leni has been playing lots of gigs of late and getting some press attention for her new album to be launched later this year. With some nice label interest, she is being whisked off to New York next month for a series of gigs so keep an eye on this space!
18. 03. 14
Hola!  Como estais everybody out there…?Hoping you all had a super bien weekend of fun n frolics in (or out of) the St. Pat’s festivities…!
Just a quick post on a couple of things..
Our own Maria Shiel seems to be picking the guitar pick up a little closer to the geeetar this year and is finding herself to be gigging and strumming in few wee places. She will be playing this Wednesday 19th March at The Globe’s “Song Room” on Dame Street which is a lovely little night of mixed musics from all over t’world..
Here is where you can keep track of Maria’s forthcoming dates:
Also here is a lovely new tune from one KYO‘s previous collaborators Axel Thesleff  – ‘You Said’.
…a luxurious sway of seductive sounds sending us all bobbing into spring… We love it Axel ! 🙂

Keep your eyes peeled on a future possible KYO Collab…there is talk in the Finnish hinterland that Axel and KYO’s MS44 are in cahoots to work on another musical piece together… 😉
In the meantime here is a little reminder of the last track Axel and MS44 did together:

Hope y’all have a good week!
Goodness…there’s been a Christmas, a New Year and a whole month that has flown by without even a wish or a whisper to you all! OK, it is a month late (there have been some very good reasons for this though) but nevertheless we wish you all a bright and lucky 2014 and we hope it shines for you all 😀
KYO’s  Maria Shiel has finally taken the plunge into acoustic rootsdom to travel forth this year and is currently recording her debut EP. We shall be extremely excited when it is done for it will be a chapter anew.
2014-01-30 15.04.24
She has also started playing in Dublin again which comes after a looong winter of disquietude and shadow (10 years to be precise – unbelievably) So there is a little bit of ‘ROAR’ in the air of this year 2014. Keep abreast of news at  her website here or follow us on the KYO newsfeed above.
And not just for MS but also for our lovely Leni Morrison too. She now has the masters back from L.A for her new album and is now on the ‘to be released pile’ – keep an eye on this page for details of the launch. 🙂
Don’t forget to keep an eye on Eomac too. He has been really making shapes already this year with releases and remixes on the rise out (or soon to be) on the likes of Killekill, Candela Rising and Fifth Wall.  And if you love you beats and sound design, keep an eye out too for his sound design and production masterclasses here.
Hello all  – we have had a bit of a break from the blog world over the last couple of months… people have been busy making music, touring and recording. With winter fast approaching and hibernation becoming ever more appealing, we will have some new musical collaborative treats on the way and a free Christmas release of our year’s work… more info to come shortly but meanwhile can we say we hope you have all had a splendid summer…. 🙂
Well this summer has been the season for gigs n shindigs, revivals and releases…
We have  been pleased to hook up with and support our now good friend Leni Morrison who has been making waves here in Ireland in these last few months..
KYO’s Maria Shiel (MS44) has played a couple of acoustic gigs with her to date (more dates to follow) and also provided a lil’ bit of KYO collaboration by designing her most recent CD release SPINDLE….
…Leni has been cranking up the gigs playing around the country, most recently supporting Jack L at the Galway Arts Festival and most recently at the long established Ruby Sessions in Dublin. (You can read a review of Leni’s Ruby Session night here (page 19) : U & I Music Magazine..)
She has started a FUNDIT Project to help her along the way and we think its ALWAYS good to support those trying hard to do something a little bit different. If you can at all, pop by the page and read her story..and you can help fund IT here 🙂
In other news Eomac has a great little tune out on DJ Moerbeck’s Berlin based label Code is Law.
We love it. Check it out here and don’t forget to keep updated on EOMAC’s page for gigs coming up this year.

Howdy y’all.. Here’s a quick little nod to a gig that is happening in Wexford at the end of this week… KYO’s Maria Shiel will be  playing an acoustic set alongside the fabulous Leni Morrison at Fusion Cafe in Wexford this Sat. July 20th. If any bods are sunning themselves south of the Isle this weekend then pop by to say hello! You can look up the details below on the FB even page. Hope to see ya there!   🙂
Also massive thanks to Carl Corcoran from the ‘Blue of the NIght’ show on the fabulous Lyric FM for playing ROAD, a tune from MS44‘s collaborative catalogue the week before last on their show. If you haven’t yet listened to this show, we highly recommend it.
You can catch the podcasts and details of each show on the link above.
A quick n’ sparky hello to you all.
Have you seen the film “Searching for Sugarman“..? Well, any musicians out there feeling a lil’ lost in space some days you should for sure check this out.. Searching for Sugarman tells the story of a drifter singer-songwriter named Rodriguez in 1968 Detroit, who, by the accounts of the few who saw him play during that time, was lauded as a superior writer to Dylan or any of his contemporaries of the time. He was picked up by a small record house and was lucky enough to be able to make a great record. The record however flopped triumphantly in the States and Rodriguez seemingly disappeared. However, a bootleg copy of this record made it’s way to South Africa in the early 70’s and it became the underground voice during apartheid. It sold more half a million copies and for 30 years he was bigger than Elvis and no one knew anything about him..and vice versa. Highly recommend.
Here is a little KYO contribution recorded straight after on the heels of watching that film with our best mate Leni Morrison  
It’s just a quiet little piece of 2 in the morning tuneage with Leni hummin’ some beautiful blues tones to his tune Sugar Man. Guitar from Maria. Respects to an amazing man…
Keep an eye out for Leni’s new vid, single and website launch over the next couple of weeks too..!
[soundcloud url=”″ params=”” width=” 100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]
On the electronics front our lovely ZoiD has this snazzy new site up n running where you can get all his latest mixes, release info. and info on his newest project devilment.. Check it out! Here’s a recent jig he did as ZoiD is Alive with HORNS. Check out his latest most excellent blog post on his recollections of a vinyl buyer.
‘a lluego!!

Greetings from a slightly sunny, wintry – weird, rainy, hazy, hot – warm – cold Spain. Right bit like everywhere else then..
In these times of ozonetastic strangeness we have only music ‘n art to give us good time vibes so I hope you are all creating plenty of summer colors in your own way wherever you are…
A couple of lil things coming up:
Our buddies at Diatribe have a new release coming up from Irish electronica act TeatroniK this week and they are puttin’ on a show this Friday 24th May at the Cobalt Cafe, N Great Georges St. Dublin. It’s nice little sultry-chill combo from Dublin based Monika Harkin and Celsey McFadden. Hints of Portishead and Kate Bush peep through here n there which is nice… The outro to the song Wilder stands out for me though with some lovely tonal beat production – nods to Celsey. It’ll be a live set up with support from the fabulous ZoiD 

[soundcloud url=”″ iframe=”true” /]
Nice one to CAT Dowling on her recent self promoted release, ‘The Believer’. Cat is a good friend and a fellow hard working musician from Dublin… You might remember her as front lady to previous Dublin bands, Balbelfish and Alphastates. With less of the electronic edge of Alphastates or Babelfish, The Believer delivers some crystal clear and subtle production resulting in some beautifully crafted songs .
Well worth a listen..and check out her page for upcoming gigs.

Good evening folks.. A quick holla out to the universe on a late Sunday evening… Tail end of the weekend…(yes, all good things must come to pass…)
My offering this evening is quick and short:
Refrakt. An unknown. This evening as I time warped my way through Soundcloud I stumbled on some glorious bass and space. I know not who he is or where he’s from in the UK other than ‘THE NORTH’ but I do know that his wormhole, mutant bass pulsegarage extravaganza made my evening. Listen only with +bass phones. And in the nightly hours of course if poss.
And you should really listen through his whole page. Thank you Mr. R.
[soundcloud url=”″ iframe=”true” /]
Eomac’s newest release, Spoock is out today on Berlin’s Kille Kill Records. You can listen to the track and get the vinyl release HERE

Here’s a cool little video to another  track  No Name,  from the Killekill release.

We’ve also added a new friend to the KYO family. Leni Morrison, (previously of The Darling Sins) is a South East Coast gal on a mission. Her debut EP, Alpine Love, will be out this spring, and we’ll be working with her to push ‘n promote it through KYO. It was recorded with producers from the fab 4AD label in London so promises to be a good one! Armed with a highly unique voice and an electric live style, Jim Carroll from the Irish Times has called the  ‘slow-motion blues tunes’ as ‘hugely promising’.
She played a sell out gig supporting Jack L recently to over 2,000 folk and so not a bad start for this lady!
Have a listen to Spindle below, a track from the forthcoming EP…and keep your eyes peeled and try and catch her live sometime. Highly recommended.
 Spindle by The Darling Sins
Here is a a nice bit of griddy techno from our very own Heathmont. You can grab a free download over at our Bandcamp page link below 🙂

Also Eomac’s other project Lakker, have a couple of releases coming out on Colchesters Lovelove records and UKs Candela Rising which will feature a remix by UK’s DJ Skirt. Check out the news here:

Just a little note so let you all know that our good friend Eomac has his debut release Spoock coming out on Berlin’s KilleKill label on April 22nd. Well done Ian! You can get all the info here:
Morning Spring-ites.. Well, it’s kind of spring we suppose; at least for a couple of hours on this sunny, fresh morning we’ll call it spring until the next dose of a polar ice-melting weather storm comes our way. Weather aside we’ve had a nice little start to the year so far with a couple of crunchy, crisp, and dreamy collaborations – thanks to all for their collaboration and remix work: HeathmontAxel ThesleffMS44 and Eomac

Don’t forget to keep abreast on the KYO BANDCAMP PAGE for further info on releases this year and links to Beatport and i-tunes.
Quick post on our friend Eomac. He has a new EP out next week. A slight sidestep in moniker under the guise of EeOo but nevertheless trademark Eomac crunches, clicks and bass-beyond-bass all come thudding through in this gorgeous EP. Have a listen below and pay what you want on it from next Monday 12th Feb.

On a more indie note! one of KYO Radio’s previous acts, Jupiter Forest, have a lovely new song up on youtube..
Give them a ‘lil support by crunching up the views for them 😉 Listen here: DOWN IN THE SUN – JUPITER FOREST
Also if you want to hear them at their finest, they are playing a 40 minute acoustic session this Friday the 8th in Dublin.
Don’t forget tomorrow night’s musical offering at King7, Capel St., Dublin. Zoid’s (aka Daniel Jacobsen) EP launch for Brighton based label Boy Scout Audio will include some great night of music from LionFXExit Introvert, ZoiD himself of course and a no doubt tasty set from Eomac. Here is Eomac’s latest remix of Richmans Folly a track from ZoiD’s forthcoming EP, Lyphyz Drumdrops. Big Space and beautifully ambient — we love.
[soundcloud url=”″ iframe=”true” /]
Greetings snowy revellers…Happy Friday to you one and all –
Here is our newest collaboration release – It’s over at our  KYO Bandcamp page on free download so be sure to grab a copy if it tickles your fancy! One half of the collab, Axel Thesleff, is a super electronic musician from Finland so be sure to check it.

Here’s a slice of Axel’s work. We love it!

Other news; two of our favo Dublin musicians have teamed up…Eomac recently remixed a Zoid track for a soon to be released EP, Lyphyz Drumdrops out on Boyscout Audio soon. Be sure to check their EP launch party on the 25th of this month at King 7, Capel Street, Dublin. Dets below. Have a great weekend folks 🙂
Don’t forget to keep checking in on our Bandcamp page for any new free downloads that come up..
Link below..
Also our next KYO release is out on i-Tunes now. Two remixes from Dublin’s Eomac of MS44’s Tonight’s the Night
Into a new year for one and all…we hope you all had a restful break and we hope this year is a good one with bright new things all the way..
Couple of releases coming up in the next few weeks : Eomac’s remix of MS44’s Tonight’s the Night will be out shortly and a brand new collaboration between Finland’s Axel Thesloff and MS44 too. We also have more new collaborations in the pipes for this year too which is great…
For now here’s a little bit of bass and a brand new track new year track from Eomac…
You can catch him live too this January 17th at The Twisted Pepper, Dublin with Sunken Foal.
Info here: EOMAC and Sunken Foal live Jan ’13
eomac live jan 13
A quick hello to you all on 12.12.12… We have put up a free download collaboration on our band camp page from MS44 and Heathmont to celebrate the day. Link below…

Also we’ll be putting out a release of Eomac’s mix of MS44’s Tonight’s the Night coming in the next few days – Hope you all have a great week 🙂
A little hello to you all and some updates on whats going on in KYO land. We’ve been on a little hiatus of late trying to catch up with the world. We’ve found that it’s actually silly hectic out there so have decided to go back to mothership and to the familiar comfort of computer and headphones…phew.
So, just a couple of things coming up in the next few weeks to put in your diaries. Our KYO Radio friends Jupiter Forest have a gig coming up at the Venue Bar NUI Maynooth on the 22nd November. Be sure to pop by if you in the area…
Also for anybody in Galway weekend of 23/24th Nov remember to check out the ‘What If Why Not’ music and film festival. There are some great Irish musicians involved on the project website offering their tracks for free, including our very own MS44; and some exciting adventure films to be shown too. All details can be found here

Finally there’ll be two Eomac/Ms44 mixes coming this month and a free Heathmont/MS44 collab to be posted soon to our Bandcamp site too so watch this space.. But for now here is a brand new Heathmont track. Some great grooves in this piece. Darkly groovy with some spankin 80’s style sytnth sounds. Lovin it.
[soundcloud url=”″ iframe=”true” /]
And here is the latest new taster from our friend Eomac: This is the glorious Peru. Nice work Ian, lovin it also!
Have a great weekend folks.  🙂
[soundcloud url=”″ iframe=”true” /]
Good day to you all..Hope this last sunny Saturday of the summer (what was of it) finds you all in good fettle. Last night Eomac did a live online mix for The Computer Controlled Radio show for Future Music and you can catch and download the mix below..
[soundcloud url=”″ iframe=”true” /]
Also we are delighted to add and promote his wares here at KYO. He has a great  new website up ‘n running offering production and mastering. Be sure to check it out here:
Keep an eye out in the next month to for some TTN new mixes from MS44 and Eomac and a collaboration offering from MS44 and Saro too..
We have been away on a little break of sun and we are now back to face into the winter … and what better way to embrace the autumn than with this glorious piece of frosty magic from some good friends of ours at KYO. The Darling Sins are Wexford based Leni Morrison and Joe Harpur who label their music as “haunt, rock and revive” weaving wonderful melodies with their own brand of soulk music (a fusion of soul and folk). Their music is a unique combination of subtle piano and guitars from Joe with gorgeous lyrical tapestries from Leni. With Leni’s etheral and somewhat ‘lost in time’ vocals, this makes the Darling Sins a highly original act. Their debut single Spindle was produced by none other than 4AD’s Ed Horrox (listen below) and be sure to vote for them through their FB Page as they have also been shortlisted for this years Hotpress Shortlist Awards too.. Nice one guys..
[soundcloud url=”″ iframe=”true” /]
Next up our other good friends Square Revolution will be launching their debut EP in a few weeks ( 26th October ) and below are a couple of solidly produced tracks to get the taste buds going. Dave Thomas is the main vocalist and songwriter of Square Revolution and their music comprises of intricate subtleties ranging from acoustic guitar to electronics. They recently teamed up with Bulgarian film maker Andrey Andonov for their debut single “Sugar and Alcohol” which you can view here and have recently put up this fab cover of Rihanna’s “We found love”. Check it out and keep an eye out for future gigs through their website above.

If you are a budding film maker looking for sound to visuals, or a musician looking for picture to sound I recommend checking the following out. The What if, Why not? music and film festival takes place 23rd/24th November in Galway and will be a place for indie film makers and bright new musicians to come forth and showcase their collaborations.
Their website will be officially launched early October and will be a platform for sound and image makers to come together, collaborate, exchange and promote their wares into different spheres. But for now you can get in touch through the ‘What if, Why not FB’ page above and have a peruse – the organisers are super friendly so if you have any questions, they’ll happily get back to you as and when.
We are all about collaboration here at KYO so we think this is a super idea and a great way to get your music and film out there … so dust yer tracks off, get your old spools out and submit…

And some Eomac news:
After his rip-roaring gig a week ago here is a nice little mix Eomac has put together for Acroplane Recordings. A cool eclectic mix of tunes.. and some really lovely chilled ambient moments. Listen to it here:
[soundcloud url=”″ iframe=”true” /]
And download for free here 🙂
You can also have a listen to a new Eomac track below; full of trademark home-made beats and sines. Nice.
[soundcloud url=”″ iframe=”true” /]
A lovely few days of musical treats this week.. from the delectable  Leonard Cohen on Wednesday night to the foot-stomping Nialler9/Monster Truck gig last night, all musical boxes were ticked.
Leonard Cohen is a songwriting hero. He will be 78 next week and there he was on stage, on cold autumn evening, suited and booted with trademark trilby singing away for well over 3 hours. Beautiful. The band were exceptional, with the amazing Webb sisters and  Sharon Robinson providing the trademark female vocal back up for all of his songs. The section dedicated to the singers in the middle of the show was a particular highlight. Magical evening..

Eomac played a blinder of a set last night at Nialler9’s Monster Truck gig with the evening finishing up with DJ set from Le Galaxie..the space is perfect for an eclectic mash up of electronic diversity and the visual show provided the perfect backdrop to an evening of cool music. There are two more Saturdays left and I would highly recommend checking one or both of the gigs out. You can find the line up for the next two shows here:
Nialler9/Monster Truck Minimum Maximum

Hi there just a couple of updates from KYO…First up our good friend Heathmont has a fab new piece of bouncing glitchy techno out called Collide. He has been busy working on some new tracks following his debut EP Jupiter RisingListen to his new track below..
[soundcloud url=”″ iframe=”true” /]
Also Eomac is playing along with a host of electronical tastical acts next Saturday 15th September at Nialler 9’s and Monster Truck’s Minimum Maximum mini fest in Temple Bar, Dublin. Check the details here :
Minimum Maximum @ Monster Truck
KYO Radio update…one of our acts featured from our early KYO Radio shows, The Lennon Family Project recently won a full weeks recording with the Blitz Bandslam We’d like to say well done lads and looking forward to the new disc. Catch some of their older material here at their Soundcloud page with some free downloads to boot. Sweet.
And don’t miss  Jupiter Forest’s gig on in Dublin’s Odessa Club on Sept 20th…