Gorgeous new video from West of Ireland musician, New Pope

New Pope is a multi-talented musico from the west coast shores of northern Donegal in Ireland. New Pope (AKA David Boland) has been responsible for pushing original music in Galway for the best part of the last decade, culminating in his most recent original music night ‘Eclectics’ at the Black Gate Cultural Centre in Galway.  He is also a visual artist collaborating with Galway acts such as Eoin Dolan and Maria Shiel .

New Pope, his musical moniker, is where you get a real glimpse of the beauty of his artistry. His music has has a worldly wistfulness reminiscent of bygone eras of jangly shoegazey guitars and Sunday drives with the Cocteau Twins. He has recently released videos for two great tracks from his recent album LOVE: ‘In the Garden’ and ‘The Claddagh’ The song ‘The Claddagh’ brings you back to the heady days of late night parties and youthful meanderings through the streets of Galway. We all have fond memories of those summer nights in Galway and yes, there’s always a little sadness with lost youth..but great great big reverbs and luscious guitars will always save the day. Be sure to check out both glorious songs on his Spotify link below.

Thank you always for supporting independent music by viewing, streaming and downloading music.

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