New series from KYO Records, ‘Spotlight On!’ Collaborators from upcoming album by Maria Shiel talk to KYO. Spotlight on! – Brazilian flautist Mila Maia

Hello folks! We hope you are doing well..

Over the coming week, we will be running a series of interviews, articles and research on the collaborators involved in Maria Shiel‘s forthcoming LP, “Fire in the Sea”. Recorded and produced in the west of Ireland there have been a host of musicians over the last two years that have added sounds and visions to the ‘pre-ancient / post-americana’ record by Maria. Penned as ‘transatlantic sea-folk’ musicians and producers from both sides of the Atlantic have helped shaped the record.

First up flautist Mila Maia from Brazil. She plays on two tracks on the record: 1. A Native American styled Irish air played on Irish wooden flute composed by Maria, Mila and Cesar Benzoni; 2. An ancient chant style song composed by Maria on which Mila plays concert flute.

Check out this amazing article below to learn more about Mila’s connection with Irish Music!

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