Fire in Sea LP

New Music / Old Music / Lockdowns and more

It’s been a delay – apologies! These lockdowns have driven us so far down that its been hard to come up for air. But come up for air we must.

Since we’ve been here Maria Shiel released a single with Steve Wickham called Calling Me Back from great Scots/Irish rock ensemble The Waterboys. You can listen below:

She also released her debut album this February called Fire in the Sea! It’s a transatlantic Americana affair pulling influences from the West of Ireland and from the landscapes of America.

In the spirit of KYO it has lots of fun collaborations on it from Ireland and the USA. We’ll put a stream for the album below. Here is a video that gives a little story behind the album.

MS44 has finally got the old mixes from 2012/3 up on Spotify too. Why not swing by, have a listen, have a follow and support independent art!

Eomac, who collaborated on track 2 of MS44’s EP, also has a great new release out and you can check that one out below

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