Room 003 – Michael Heffernan / Heathmont

Heathmont is Dublin based producer of all good things electronic. His passion for sound comes from early influences from the likes of Mauro Picotto and present day ones from such as Berlin based Gaiser.

Heathmont (Aka Michael Heffernan) has worked as a producer and mix engineer in Dublin for well over a decade and has worked with many established acts such as Dermot Kennedy, Gavin Friday, The Script and many more.

He is not only a whizz with beats but is a phenomenal producer of ambience. Check out this 2012 collaboration he did with KYO’s MS44 below:

Michael is based out of Dublin now as a successful producer and you can see all the artists Michael has worked with here: 

Michael Heffernan – Producer

…but for let’s take a step back in time and listen to this fantastic piece of beat fuelled techno, Octopus, that he produced for KYO EP,  Jupiter Rising

“Jupiter Rising is the latest two track EP from Dublin based electronic producer Heathmont. We ‘effin love it. ‘Octopus’ is what an awesome underwater rave would sound like and ‘The Birth of Jupiter II’ is a real wonkfest! Lots of squished together sounds, glitchy beats and atmospheric build ups make this a wonky plonky treat of an EP. Definitely the kind of thing you want to hear in a club at 4am…”
Techno Kittens, June 2012

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