Room 012 – Axel Thesleff

Axel Thesleff is an electronic musician from Helsinki, Finland. His diverse style ranges from future bass, dance to emotive ambient music. His 2010 release ‘Waste Land’, based on the poems of T.S Eliot, earned him the coveted Soundclouder of the Day spot on global platform Soundcloud. In 2014 he released what was to become his worldwide smash hit ‘Bad Karma‘. It took him out of Finland, touring internationally and has garnered over tens of millions of streams worldwide and has been featured on numerous spotify playlists.

The punjabi  sample he uses, ‘O Na Kar Maan Rupaiye Waala Baar Baar Ke Na Rajje’  translates to a punjabi chant: 

‘Do not waste your time on money. It will not get you what you want.’

Check out his 2012 KYO collaboration here: 

Axel Thesleff / MS44: Massive Delusion

FFI and past releases: HERE

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